Why Our Company Is Named Octopus Holdings, Inc:

An octopus has eight tentacles, and will tenaciously latch onto its prey. At Octopus Holdings, Inc., we have our “tentacles” wrapped around multiple facets of the Internet marketing world, and we don’t give up until we have helped you DOMINATE your local market!

Octopus Holdings, Inc. was formed to help small and medium-sized business to level the playing field with the “big guys”. 

You don’t need full-time marketing and information technologies departments to have HUGE success online.

What you need is a company with the skills to wage “guerilla warfare” online through savvy online marketing techniques, ranking you up there with companies much larger than yours, all while providing you the maximum ROI.

We specialize in helping LOCAL businesses, as we believe in helping the communities in which we live and work.  The more business each of us has, the better off we all are!

Having been involved in the Internet marketing field since 1998, our founder, Paul R. Piccione, started the local Internet marketing branch of Octopus Holding, Inc. in 2011. The company’s activities prior to that included numerous very successful online marketing ventures selling physical and digital products online. Utilizing the techniques perfected in these campaigns, we have now been able to apply those techniques locally, and have been able to significantly increase sales at a number of local businesses.

Octopus Holdings, Inc. maintains a lean and agile profile to be able to react quickly to changing market conditions, keep costs down, and to provide unparalleled service to our customers.

Call us at (650) 395-8787 or Email us at info@octopusholdingsinc.com.

Octopus Holdings, Inc.

959 Woodside Road
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